Russian jets resume intensive bombardment on west Aleppo

Syrian Observatory sources reported that the Russian jets renewed intensive bombardment on the outskirts and vicinity of Atarib city and the outskirts and vicinity of Darat Izza town in west Aleppo countryside.

Russian jets executed several raids in the early hours of Tuesday morning on Nahlaya area, north of Ariha in the southern countryside of Idlib. Meanwhile, places in Qumaynas, Sarmin, Kafrya and Maarrat Masrin in the north-east of Idlib, came under regime rocket fire.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that Russian jets carried out more than 120 airstrikes targeting Kafr Nubl, Al-Rami, Basnqul, Ariha city, Tqad, Atarib, Kafr Ammah, Jabal Sheikh Barakat, the vicinity of Darat Izza, the road between Darat Izza and Tramnin which connects between Afrin and Idlib, Arhab and Kafr Nouran.

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