One dead and several injured in in an explosion in Bab Moussalla area in Damascus

Activists told SOHR that an explosion was heard in Bab Moussalla neighborhood in Damascus, caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) exploding in a car. It is not known whether the vehicle was civilian or military. However, at least one person was killed and several others sustained various injuries.

On the 10th of this month, SOHR sources have reported that a loud explosion was heard in al-Mazzeh neighborhood, on the western side of the capital Damascus, caused by an improvised explosive device targeting a car carrying an unidentified person near al-Jala hall, killing the person and burning his car completely, with a massive deployment of regime security forces nearby the area where the explosion occurred.

On February 7, the Syrian Observatory reported that a violent explosion rocked Khaled bin Al-Walid Street in Damascus, caused by an IED thrown under a car in al-Fahama area. An unidentified person was injured and it was not known whether he was a civilian or a military person of regime forces, according to reliable sources.

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