Turkish forces and opposition factions storm Al-Nayrab amid fierce battles with regime forces

Reliable sources confirmed to SOHR that Turkish troops and opposition factions unleashed an attack on the regime-controlled town of Al-Nayrab in the eastern countryside of Idlib, after intensive firepower with tens of rockets. The attacking forces stormed the town capturing nearly half of it, amid ongoing fierce battles with regime forces. There is confirmed information about casualties in the ranks of both warring forces.

SOHR sources reported earlier this day that Turkish forces and factions fired many rockets on regime positions in Al-Nayrab town in Idlib countryside, along with mobilizations by Turkish and factions in the outskirts of Qumaynas and Sarmin. A new ground military operation is expected to be launched in Al-Nayrab, following an operation a few days ago led to temporary takeover of the town which was quickly recaptured by regime forces.

Meanwhile, regime jets bombed areas near Qumaynas, Tal Musaybin and the vicinity of Ariha city, while Russian jets renewed bombardment on Shahranaz and Horta in Jabal Shashaboo.

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