Cautious calm prevails in the “de-escalation” zone

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored cautious calm prevailing in both Idlib and Aleppo countryside along with suspension of aerial operations because of the bad weather and rain.

Meanwhile, sources reported that a regime “23mm canon” was destroyed in Al-Nayrab in Idlib countryside, and column of forces was hit by rebel factions in Khan Al-Sabil.

On the other hand, regime forces in Jurin camp fired many artillery shells on Frika and Marj Al-Zuhur villages on the M4 highway. Regime forces also shelled the villages and towns of Al-Bara, Deir Sunbul, Ihsim and Kafr Nubl in Idlib countryside.

Earlier this day, Russian jets executed 86 raids targeting Sarmin, Qumaynas, Ariha, Jabal Al-Arba’in, Al-Mastumah and Kafr Nubl in Idlib countryside, and Atarib, the vicinity of Darat Izza, Kafr Nouran, Tqad, Sheikh Suleiman, Ibzimu and Al-Tawwama in Aleppo countryside.

For their part, regime jets targeted Jabal Al-Zawiya and other areas in the southern countryside of Idlib with 63 airstrikes.

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