Unknown assailants attack regime checkpoints in Homs’s Talbiseh leaving many soldiers dead or injured

Homs Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Syrian Observatory sources reported that fierce clashes followed attacks by unknown assailants on three regime checkpoints in the regime-controlled city of Talbiseh, north of Homs. The clashes resulted in the killing and injury of many regime soldiers and loyalists.

On February 8, SOHR sources reported that unknown gunmen assassinated one of the most prominent figures in Talbiseh city in the northern countryside of Homs known by his initials as S.W. who mediated reconciliation deals between opposition fighters and the Syrian regime. It is noteworthy that he has strong ties with the Iranians, and informed regime forces previously the whereabouts of weapons and ammunition depots that the factions left behind after leaving Talbiseh city following international agreements. In addition, he distributed in extraditing many young people who refused to struck reconciliation and settlement deals with the Syrian regime.

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