Regime Political Intelligence arrests several civilians from Al-Tal city in western Rif-Dimashq

Rif-Dimashq Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable source informed SOHR that patrols of regime Political Intelligence carried out a raid, arresting six young men and a woman in Al-Tal city, west of the capital Damascus.

The campaign of arrests was concentrated in eastern neighborhoods of Al-Tal. Checkpoints belonging to the same security branch were deployed in all the city neighborhoods.

According to Observatory sources, Political Intelligence patrols arrested three people working at currency exchange office and money transfer on the black market in the city.

Furthermore, Observatory sources added that regime Political Intelligence arrested a woman from the office of one of the neighborhoods’ headman in Al-Saraya neighborhood after being called to there. Investigations were about a phone calls she made with her displaced son in north of Syria.

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