Over 15 areas fall to regime forces in south Idlib countryside in less than 36 hours, and 16 regime soldiers, rebels and jihaids killed in Al-Nayrab battles

SOHR sources say that Russian jets executed more raids and regime ground forces fired tens of rockets, paving the way for regime forces and loyalists to advance further into the southern countryside of Idlib. the Syrian regime captured 16 villages and towns in the past 36 hours, following clashes with opposition factions and jihadi groups. The captured areas are: (1) Sheikh Damis, (2) Hantutin, (3) Rakaya, (4) Tal Al-Nar, (5) Kafr Sajna, (6) Sheikh Mustafa, (7) Naqir, (8) Satuh Al-Deir, (9) Arinbeh, (10) Um Sir, (11) Maarrat Al-Sin, (12) Jabbala, (13) Maarrat Mater, (14) Maar Zita, (15) Ba’rabu, (15) Arinbeh and (16) Maarrat Hurmah.

SOHR activists have documented more fatalities in the ranks of the warring forces in Al-Nayrab town, east of Idlib. Six fighters of the National Liberation Front and four jihadis were killed in today’s clashes and bombardment. While six regime members and loyalists were also killed in the same clashes.

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