Over 150 airstrikes pound the “de-escalation” zone, while air and rocket attacks on Idlib leave six persons dead

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of two civilians and the injury of ten others as a result of new airstrikes carried out by regime jets targeting residential neighborhoods of Idlib city.

This brings today’s civilian death toll in Idlib to ten, including two teachers, a schoolgirl and a female teacher as a result of rocket attacks on several schools in Idlib city. Two civilians were also killed as a result of airstrikes by regime jets on residential neighborhoods of Idlib, and four civilians were killed in an airstrike by a regime jets targeting the city of Ma’rat Misrin.

The number of airstrikes carried out today by regime and Russian jets rose to more than 176 raids targeting areas in and around Idlib city, Sarmin city, the towns of Al-Nayrab, Qominas, Al-Mastumma, Taftanaz military airport, Mussaybin, Ma’arat Alia, Jabal al-Zawiya areas and Ma’rat Misrin in Idlib countryside.

SOHR reported earlier that rebels and jihadist factions made new advance near Saraqeb, capturing the village of San, west of Saraqeb.

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