Backed by intensive Turkish firepower, rebels advance from Al-Nayrab and capture new area west of saraqeb

SOHR say that rebels and jihadist factions made new advance near Saraqeb city, capturing the village of San, west of Saraqeb city, setting off from their positions in Al-Nayrab, east of Idlib.

The takeover of the village was supported by ongoing and intensive Turkish rocket attack on regime and loyalists positions in Saraqeb city and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, rebels and jihadist factions were able to regain control of Ma’arat Alia village, northwest of Saraqeb, after they captured the town of Al-Nayrab yesterday on the M4 road.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented more fatalities among rebels and jihadist groups during the battles with regime forces and loyalists near the town of Al-Nayrab, east of Idlib. Six fighters of the ‘National Front’ and four jihadist were killed, while ten regime soldiers were killed in the same battles.

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