Backed by Turkish firepower and troops, rebels continue attacking east of Idlib, capturing two new villages northwest of Saraqeb and nearly three km now separate them from the city

SOHR sources have reported that violent clashes took place on frontlines of eastern Idlib countryside, between regime forces and loyalists on the one hand, and opposition factions backed by Turkish forces on the other, as part of the ongoing attacks by rebels and Turkish forces on regime forces and loyalists positions in an attempt to reach the city of Saraqeb.

The clashes were also accompanied by intensive artillery shelling by Turkish forces. Rebels were able to take control of the villages of Salhiya and Mojayzir, northwest of Saraqeb, amid continuing battles in an attempt to capture Jobas and Afis. Rebels are now about three km away from the city.

Meanwhile, intensive airstrikes on rural Hama and Idlib have renewed. The number of raids carried out by regime and Russian jets has risen to at least 128, targeting Binish, Sarmin, Qominas, Al-Nayrab, Al-Mastuma, Ariha, Josef and other towns and villages in Jabal al-Zawiya and Jabal Shahshbo.

The Syrian Observatory has documented the death of four civilians, including a woman, as aresult of Russian airstrikes on the village of Arnabeh, south of Idlib city.

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