Turkey sends more reinforcement, including air defense units, to rural Idlib

SOHR activists reported seeing a Turkish military column of 90 vehicles, including air defense units, arriving in the Turkish posts in Idlib countryside this evening. It is noteworthy that the air defense units arrived recently are of the ATILGAN PMADS (Pedestal-Mounted Air Defence Missile System), a short-range air defense system covers up to eight km. The units are provided with 12.7 mm guns.

Moreover, another Turkish military column of ten armored vehicles crossed into Syria via Kharbat Al-Juz this evening and headed to the Turkish post in Ishtabraq.

During the period between February 2 and today, SOHR activists monitored the entry of more than 2,965 trucks and military vehicles to the Syrian territory, including tanks, personnel carriers, armored vehicles, mobile bulletproof guard booths and military radars. Meanwhile the number of Turkish soldiers who were deployed during the same period in Idlib and Aleppo exceeded 7,800.

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