Turkish forces renew rocket attacks on areas held by Kurdish forces, targeting seven villages north of Aleppo

SOHR sources have reported that Turkish forces carried out rocket attacks since the morning on places in the villages of Wardiya, Jabal Nayef, Saad al-Shahaba, Samouqa, Halissa and Hassiya in the northern sector of Aleppo countryside, which are controlled by Kurdish forces. No casualties have been reported to date.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory monitored artillery shelling carried out by Turkish forces stationed in Sheikh Nasser and Jub al-Dam, targeting the villages of Jab al-Hamra, Boughaz and Al-Kaukli in western rural Manbij city. No casualties were reported to date.

The Syrian Observatory monitored yesterday an infiltration attempt carried out by fighters of  “Idlib’s Rebel Brigade” on Turkish-backed factions positions in the village of Al-Kreidieh in western countryside of Manbij, east of Aleppo. Violent clashes took place for hours, causing casualties among Turkish-backed factions, “Syrian Rebel Brigade” commander was also killed as a result of these clashes.

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