107 regime soldiers, rebels and jihadists killed in heavy shelling and violent battles on Saraqeb frontline, east of Idlib

SOHR sources have reported that violent clashes on Saraqeb frontline have continued in eastern Idlib countryside, between rebels and jihadist groups on the one hand, and regime forces and loyalists on the other, in an ongoing offensive by regime forces to regain control of the city dawn yesterday.

Violent clashes have accompanied by intensive ground bombardment, while Russian airstrikes have renewed on Saraqeb, Qominas, Al-Nayrab, Sarmin and other places in Idlib countryside.

Meanwhile, Turkish forces have resumed intensive shelling on Regime forces positions in Ma’rat al-Numan and Saraqeb countryside. No casualties have been reported to date.

The Syrian Observatory also monitored yesterday a rocket attack carried out by regime forces on Al Bara-Kansafra road in Jabal al-Zawiya, targeting a Turkish military column, destroying at least one Turkish vehicle. No casualties were reported.

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