Head of Syrian regime postpones legislative elections and “Scientific Jurisprudence Council” suspends public prayers in mosques

Head of the Syrian regime issued today a legislative decree No. 86 for 2020 postponing the elections of members of the People’s Council (parliament) for the third legislative round, as part of the precautionary measures taken by the state to fight the coronavirus, according to the new legislative decree.

On the other hand, the Scientific Jurisprudential Council of Syria’s Ministry of Endowments and the Union of Levant Scholars issued a formal “fatwa”, suspending Friday prayers, sermons and prayers in groups in Syrian mosques, while allowing only calls to prayers five times a day, the ministry said.

Several medical sources in Damascus, Homs, Latakia and Tartus have confirmed to SOHR that 113 cases have been quarantined in order to prevent the possible spread of the infection to others, 35 of which have been discharged from the quarantine after testing negative, while 78 are still under quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government is still denying the fact that the infection is spreading.

On the other hand, very reliable SOHR sources confirmed that (COVID-19) spread among Iranian-backed militias in Al-Mayadin city, east of Deir Ezzor. Six Iranians and two Iraqis showed symptoms of the virus and were placed into quarantine in the Iranian hospital of Al-Zahraa in Al-Mayadin city. The eight cases tested positive to the disease after samples had been sent to the capital Damascus.

Yesterday, Regime’s Ministry of Education issued a statement suspending classes in public and private schools from Saturday, March 14, 2020 until Thursday, April 2, 2020.

The statement stressed that: “For the safety and health of students, and since there are large numbers of students in small classrooms, and as it is more difficult for children to follow preventive methods and safety measures, schools will be closed  to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

However, the Syrian regime is still denying the fact that the virus is spreading and originating from the Iranian militias entering Syria.

On March 10, several medical sources in regime-controlled areas have confirmed to SOHR that the virus (COVID-19) known as the coronavirus has spread mainly in the governorates of Damascus, Tartus, Latakia and Homs.

Many coronavirus cases have been recorded, some of whom have died and some others have been quarantined.

The Syrian Observatory contacted doctors at several hospitals in those provinces. The doctors confirmed that they were given strict orders from the authorities of the Syrian regime to remain silent and refrain from talking about the outbreak of the coronavirus.

A large number of Iranians coming in and out of Syria to visit religious sites, as well as the Iranian forces which have already deployed there and entered Syria with their families.

Iran has recorded thousands of coronavirus cases, with dozens of people dead. The Syrian regime suspended flights yesterday to and from Iran and Iraq.


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