Turkish forces tear tents apart threatening asylum seekers to put in quarantine In order to force them to leave the border area with Greece

SOHR sources say that Turkish Army and The Turkish Red Crescent are asking the refugees, in the camps of “Bazaar Koleh” on the Greece-Turkey border, to choose between two options either quarantine in the student dorms or deportation to Istanbul, under the pretext of the spread of Coronavirus inside the camp. Turkish army personnel tore up a number of tents in order to force the refugees to empty the area.

The Syrian Observatory has obtained a video footage showing hundreds of women and children waiting for help since 6 a.m. in their designated lines, while more are in the men’s lines.

Syrian Observatory sources confirmed that the displaced persons are being treated inhumanely, while chaos prevails in that area chaos with a total absence of humanitarian organization, with the aim of returning refugees to their areas due to continued neglect.

On March 24, Turkish coast guard teams rescued 114 asylum seekers in western Aegean Sea, 44 of whom were people of Syrian nationality.

According to the Statement of the Turkish Coast Guard, the asylum-seekers were rescued after receiving a distress call from them, in three different areas after being returned by the Greek Coast Guard to Turkish territorial sea.

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