Clashes erupt among Turkish-backed factions in “Peace Spring” areas

SOHR sources say that clashes erupted, today, with machine guns among Turkish-backed factions. According to Observatory sources, the clashes took place between members from Deir ez-Zor belonging to “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” faction and members of Hammam al-Turkman village, after the women of the village were repeatedly harassed by “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” members. Three members of the factions were injured during the clashes.

On March 20, SOHR sources reported that those factions stole diesel engines used for extracting water from wells in the villages of Knihar, Drako and Al-Said, which are a group of villages known as “Rashda Hamra” in Tal Tamer countryside.

Tools and equipment were also looted from agricultural projects in the area. Violations included illegal taxation, repressing civilians and accusing them of belonging to Kurdish parties, while these villages are inhabited by Arabs tribes “Sharbiyeens”, as well as prohibiting photography in the area.

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