“Islamic State” continues in its attempts to seize strategic areas in the north of Aleppo

Aleppo Province:

The road between Tal Ref’at and Shamrin, which is followed by the citizens who come from the city of Aleppo to reach to the northern and northeastern countryside of Aleppo and to the Syrian – Turkish border, is still closing after IS militants could advance and seize parts of the two villages of Ihres and Tal Jebbin in the northern countryside of
Aleppo after violent clashes with the rebel and Islamist factions that could retake the village of Tal Jebbin, certain information about casualties on IS ranks, and reliable sources confirmed to SOHR that the rebels could capture some IS militants after besieging them in a house east of the village.


Warplanes, believed to the US-led coalition’s, struck an IS checkpoint at Om al- Qora road junction in the northern countryside of Aleppo leading to destroy a car with a machinegun on it, information about the death of at least 4 extremists. The regime air force struck by missiles and barrel bombs the villages of al- Redwaniyya, Tal Sab’in, Jeb al- Safa, Ksis and al- Jabriyyah around the airbase of Kwayres east of Aleppo.  


The violent clashes are still taking place in the village of Ihres, where If IS militants could seize the village they will besiege the fighters of rebel and Islamist factions stationed on battlefronts against the regime forces and allied militiamen around Bashkoy, Handarat and Dweir al- Zaytoun.  


The number of soldiers of the regime forces who were killed when an IS militants blew himself up in the Free Zone north of the city of Aleppo has risen to 5.


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