At least 6 people killed in airstrikes on the northern countryside of Aleppo, and the Operation Room of Mare’ abrogate the agreement with al- Thuwar Army and PYD after 10 days of signing it

Aleppo Province;

The regime warplanes attacked places in the village of Toqad in the western countryside of Aleppo killing at least a child , while other warplanes believed Russian hit places in the two villages of Tal Msibin and Tal Jbin, the towns of Deir Jamal and Tal Ref’at as well as the vicinity of I’zaz city in the northern countryside of Aleppo leading to kill 6 civilians, including a child and a woman, in Tal Ref’at while other citizens wounded. Suspected Russian warplanes also carried out several raids on IS-held city of al- Bab northeast of Aleppo. In addition, warplanes struck places in the neighborhoods of the old city of Aleppo as well as the neighborhoods of Bani Zeid and al- Sha’ar in the city of Aleppo.


Kurdish activists accused Islamist factions of stopping 5 busses transporting citizens on the road linking the neighborhood of al- Sheikh Maqsoud with the city of Efrin, where they detained them coincided with the tensions and clashes that are taking places between YPG and SDF against Jabhat al- Nusra, the rebel and Islamist factions around Efrin and al- Sheikh Maqsoud.


A fighter from the Islamist factions killed in clashes with the regime forces in the southern countryside of Aleppo. 


IS militants launched shells on the town of Tal Aran in the southern countryside of Aleppo.


The regime forces shelled places in the town of al- Zirbah and the vicinity of Khan Touman in the southern countryside of Aleppo.



On the other hand, SOHR received an announcement issued by the Operation Room of Mare’ in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where they declared the cancellation of the agreement held with al- Thuwar Army. The announcement stated, “ after the Operation Room of Mare’ carried out its duty of stopping the Kharijites of this era (Daesh) and liberarting the village of Dwidan in the northern countryside of Aleppo, we have been shocked because of new violation of the agreements and commitments carried out PYD militia and al- Thuwar Army, where they have intentionally escalated their military operation in al- Shawaghra and al- Malkiyya areas by attacking the factions affiliated to the Operation Room coincided by the Russian airstrikes that support them. They have also carried out a systematic displacement campaign against the Arab people and the Kurdish opponents through shelling Efrin area and several villages that refuse their presence and accusing factions that do not exist in the area of doing this. So, the Operation Room of Mare’ affirms abrogation of any treaty with the mentioned militias and strongly denounces what has happened, and that all these actions target to weaken the rebels and stab them in the back. We ask all the Syrian brothers who suffer from the shelling carried out by PYD militias and their supporters to be patient, so the victoty is coming, and we in the Operation Room of Mare’ are going to do our best to protect the civilians and stop these militias.”


It is noted that SOHR published 10 days ago a copy of an agreement stamped by the Operation Room of Mare’ and al- Thuwar Army and that stated “to stop bloodshed and responding to the initiative launched by the Shura and Conciliation Council in Aleppo, it has been agreed on the following items:


  • Al- Tuwar Army enters to the areas held by the Operation Room of Mare’ by vehicles determined by the Operation Room according to place, date, numbers, quantity and the requirements’ phase.
  • The endorsement of al- Thuwar Army on the eligibility of the Operation Room of supervision, follow-up, guidance and accountability.
  • The members of al- Thuwar Army stay in their posts until securing their posts and battlefronts with the regime and Daesh (ISIS) by the Room.
  • The areas of Aanab, Mrimin and Shawarghet al- Jouz shall be free from any armed presence but the police station of the Free Police.
  • To release all the detainees of both sides.


And al- Thuwar Army responds on the agreement by an announcement declaring “the approval of the initiative launched by the Shura and Conciliation Council in Aleppo in order to cease fire” as what al- Thuwar Army said that it is “in accordance with our wishes and the wishes of other parties of stopping bloodshed and turning the weapons to the right direction that achieve the goals our revolution and people, so al- Thuwar Army agreed on the initiative under the principal of goals convergence and good intentions, we declared joining the Operation Room of Mare’ as a party committed to the decisions of the Room in terms of the distribution of tasks on all fronts with Daesh and the regime.”

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