Demonstration taking place in Homs city demand the eliminating and judging of the Governor of Homs and the head of security committee after the death and injury of more than 2300 people in tens of bombings in the city

Al-Ra’eis roundabout area in ​​Homs city witnessed demonstration by tens of people after 24 hours from the bombings rocked al-Zahra neighborhood -the home to the majority of Alawite citizens-, the protesters denounced the “lawlessness and the disregard for their lives”, and the recklessly “traitor” Governor Talal al-Barazi and the Security Committee and its president, the protesters hold them accountable, and said: “we want revenge, we want revenge for the people of al-Zahra, we want revenge – Oh villainous Barazi the people’s blood is not cheap – People want to overthrow the security committee – people want to overthrow the conservative – we are with you whatever happens, wear the military uniform O Bashar”, also the demonstrators raise banners reading:” “My blood is not cheap – is the Country which shock the world fail to secure the means of protection for its people? – We call upon the security authorities to bear the responsibility of protecting citizens”

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