Explosive barrels target Reef Dimashq and bombardment targets Homs countryside

Homs province: Regime forces bombarded Talbisa town. 1 soldier was killed while others were wounded by an explosion of a tank around al-Hawla area. Regime forces bombarded al-Qaritin city and areas of al-Dowa, Ein Hussien, and al-Ameria in the northern countryside.

Reef Dimashq province: Explosive barrels were dropped on areas of Daraya. A child from al-Tal was killed by a bomb exploded in the neighborhood. Regime forces bombarded Otaya and Hosh al-Salhia towns, what wounded a number of civilians. Clashes took place between regime forces and rebels around al-Balalia village. Regime forces targeted al-Meqelbia, no reports of losses.

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