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About 4700 people killed in January, 2016

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 4680 people in January 2016.

The death toll is as follows:

1345 civilians, including 295 children and 190 women, distributed as follows:

Syrian fighters of YPG, Rebel and Islamist factions: 603.

Non- Syrian fighters of IS, Jabhat al- Nusra, Jaysh al Muhajereen wal Ansra Army and the Islamist factions: 1080.

Defected soldiers: 4.

Regular regime soldiers and officers: 735.

Militiamen of the People’s Committees and NDF as well as informers: 752.

Hezbollah militiamen: 9.

Non- Syrian pro- regime fighters who are from the Shiite Sect: 103.

Unidentified victims : 49

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates the real number of non-Syrian casualties from the IS, Jabhat al- Nusra, Islamic factions, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion and pro-regime militants is approximately 8 hundred of soldiers and fighters more than the documented number because of  reticence about casualties by all parties, the difficulties of reaching to the outback and the difficulties to investigate about those who have died inside the regime or IS  jails.


SOHR is not going to stop to calls upon the members of the UN Security Council to issue a binding resolution that prohibits targeting the civilians in Syria, where massacres committed against them every day under the nose of the international community which do not make any step to stop the ongoing violations committed against the Syrian people who dream of establishing the state of democracy, justice, freedom and equality.

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