An agreement between the elders of Abtaa town and the regime forces to raise the flags of the regime forces on the official departments on exchange of stopping the bombing and releasing detainees

Daraa Province:
Information received from intersecting sources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that an agreement took place between the regime’s authorities and the elders and notables from Abtaa town which is on the old road of Damascus–Daraa and south of Sheikh Meskin city of the northern countryside of Daraa, where it was agreed between both parties to carry out “reconciliation” with the regime’s authorities in the town, and that those from the town and detained by the regime forces and its security branches will be released, and that all military operations by the regime forces and the Russian will stop both on from the ground and air, and that food and medical materials along with the supplies of daily life will enter the town, in return of rising the current Syrian flag recognized internationally over the official government department in the town, they also agreed that the fighters and gunmen in the town will take responsibility for the security and protection of the town in exchange for not directing their weapons back into the regime forces, and the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the regime authorities warned the elders of the town during the meeting that in case the regime forces were targeted by the gunmen in the town then the regime forces will intervene militarily in the town, the sources also informed the activists of the Observatory in Daraa that a similar agreement will be made in Dael town south of Abtaa town with the same conditions.

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