After 4 years… the regime forces in Latakia reach the nearest point to the administrative borders of Idlib, and displacement in the area out of fear of military operations

Latakia Province:
The Regime Forces Operations Room which is supervised by Russian officers and includes Russian soldiers, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them from Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities managed to control of the town Kinsabba completely, after the violent clashes against the First Sahiliya Division, Ansar al-Sham, the Second Sahiliya Division, Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), The Islamic Turkestan Party, The Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham and the rebel and Islamic factions, it is worth mentioning that the town Kinsabba is the most important town from a “media” point of view to the regime forces operations room, where Kabani town is still under the control of factions and it is strategically the most important town for the factions for it is on a high area, it also overlook on towns and several villages in the Sahl al-Ghab at the northwestern countryside of Hama and the area of Jesr al-Shughur in the southwestern countryside of Idlib, and, Jabal al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Latakia.
After this advancement, the regime forces are now about 3 km away from the administrative border Idlib province, this advancement is the closest point which the regime forces managed to reach in the northern countryside of Latakia and at the administrative border with Idlib.
From Kinsabba town launched the first armed action late 2011 by a group of defected officers and members from the regime forces, and because of this advancement, the town of Aubin and its refugee camp and the areas of al-Bernas and al-Najyeh (on the administrative border of Idlib and Latakia provinces) are witnessing a displacement movement of citizens towards the countryside Jisr al-Shughur in Idlib province, fearing the military operations…
The clashes in the town of Kinsabba today resulted in the killing of at least 16 fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions, al-Nusra and non-Syrian fighters, and also killed 7 members from the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them including an officer, and confirmed information about more casualties among both parties, also the contact was lost with four fighters from the factions during clashes in the town of Kinsabba, and their fate is still unknown.

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