59 killed in two explosions at Zahra neighborhood in Homs downtown

Homs Province:
It rose to 59 at least -39 of them are civilians- the number of people killed by two explosions of booby trapped vehicles targeted Zahra neighborhood, the home of the majority of Alawite citizens in the center of Homs city, some of the wounded are still in dangerous situations, the thing which may raise the death toll, while the families of bombings victims have kicked out the governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi and the Minister of interior of the Syrian regime, after they both visited the 2 sites, the explosion caused by a booby trapped car on a truck crane, and the other one was a booby trapped vehicle nearby, tens of gathered people in the explosion place where the Interior Minister and governor were, started saying “the people want to overthrow the governor”, after a dispute between some of the people and the governor who was asking them to calm down, but the demonstrators did not stop talking until the governor and the minister left the area.

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