In one of the highest detonation death tolls… 155 killed by six explosions shook Homs center and south of the capital

It rose to 155 (99 civilian citizens including children and citizens women) the number of people killed in six explosions which shook Zahra neighborhood, the home of the majority of Alawite citizens in the center of Homs city center, and the area of ​​Sayeda Zeinab which is inhabited by majority of Shiite citizens south of the capital Damascus, and the casualties were as follows: in the area of ​​Sayeda Zeinab and due to the four explosions 96 people at least killed, 60 of them are civilians including women and children and 12 of them are from the gunmen loyal to the regime, one of the explosions was caused by a booby trapped vehicle, two others were caused by two people detonated themselves using explosive belts, while the cause of the fourth explosion is still unknown, and the number of casualties is likely to rise because there are more than 150 injuries, and a lot of them have serious wounds, and others have critical injuries.
And in the neighborhood of Zahra in Homs city, at least 59 people were killed, including 39 civilians a citizens, all of them were killed in two explosions of booby trapped vehicles targeted Zahra neighborhood, the home of the majority of Alawite citizens, some of the wounded are still in dangerous situations, the thing which may raise the death toll.

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