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Sultan Murad Division “condemns and denounces the individual action” of one of its members to “our brothers Kurdish citizens”

Sultan Murad Division issued a statement explaining the circumstances of the insult of their prisoner: ” We the leadership of Sultan Murad condemn and denounce what one of our members had done of harming our Kurdish citizens brothers, those who we consider as an integral part of the future Syria, and we in the Division consider this act as an individual act and a far cry act of the thoughts and policies of the Division, and we assure that we have taken the legal action against those who carried out the insult”

The statement added: “We renew our position of our brothers Kurdish citizens, and we know that they are far from the thoughts of the militia of PKK and PYD which work for the Syrian regime and its allies from the mercenaries of al-Thowwar Army, who are abusing the Kurdish component believing that they will be able to undermine the cohesion and historic bond between us and our brothers the Kurds, and we, the leaders of the Division, pledge that we will fight until the last drop of our blood to maintain a united Syria, so the people get rid of the militia, mercenaries and sectarian regime that turned the country into an oasis of blood”

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a video showing fighters from a rebel fighter supported by Turkey, through their capture of four people who claimed to be fighters from al-Thowwar Army (Rebel Army) which fight part of The Syrian Democratic Forces, the Rebel Army denied that and confirmed that they were civilians of from the residents of the neighborhood, who were captured during the clashes which took place between both parties in al-Hulk area in Aleppo, and the video showed one of the speakers stood with other fighters from the Division in front of four prisoners (two of the prisoners are children), the speaker referred to each one of the four prisoners saying, “this is a dog, hey Abu Ali and Abu Juma al-Bannwi,  these are your fighters, do you want a democratic state O son of a dog, are you originally democratic son of a dog?!, you are the head of a gang, and it is known who you are and what is your way”, the video showed the fighters of the Division talking and putting shoes in the mouth of the prisoners and forcing one of them to lick the shoe, and then one of the fighters started beating one of the prisoners, while the speaker in the video order for them to be taken to the prison, and he asked an old captive whoc is among the four prisoners: “are you a Kurdish?” then he started insultingand beating him again.

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