More than 70 “Islamic state” members killed during YPG’s regaining control of Tal Abyad town

YPG and internal security Kurdish forces “Asayish” managed to regain entirely of the sites they have lost in Tal Abyad city at the north of Al-Raqqah province and on the Syrian – Turkish border, after an attack dawn yesterday carried out by dozens of “Islamic State” members on the city and on other areas in the countryside, and the fighters of YPG regained control of Nus Tal village and Ayn al-Arous town, the violent clashes which were coincided with heavy explosions in the area and the airstrikes of the international coalition resulted in killing 70 member at least from the organization, it also killed more than 20 YPG fighters, while the organization still in control of Hammam al-Turkmen and al-Kantri area and sites in Sluk area in the northern and northeastern countryside of ​​Al-Raqqah.

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