Tens of injuries and casualties in the ranks of the regime forces and the “Islamic State” in ​​Palmyra

Homs Province:
Two died and about 30 others were injured in bombing by Syria and Russian warplanes on areas in Palmyra, while clashes continued between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the “Islamic State” in the areas of al-Doweh and Mount Hayyan west and southwest of Palmyra city, which killed 12 member from the organization, rising to 32 the number of organization members who were killed in airstrikes and clashes against the regime forces, also tens of regime forces’ members were killed and injured during sporadic clashes between both parties in the agricultural area of Tabtab south of Palmyra.
SOHR received a video issued by the organization called “Homat al-Makarem” is showing the clashes in Hwarin area in the southeastern countryside of Homs, it also shows 2 member form the organization; “Abu Omar al-Shami” and “Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Ansari” carrying out an operation in a “position of the regime forces” where “Abu Omar al-Shami” blew himself up with an explosive belt, then “Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Ansari” said that he killed the rest of those who were not killed in the bombing where “Abu Omar al-Shami” blew himself.

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