Nusra Front arrest the armament official in Division 13 and seize weapons, arrest other leaders in the Division

Reliable sources and local sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant) arrested the armament official in the Division 13 during a raid on their headquarters and ammunition depot in Tal Aas village in the southern countryside of Idlib several days ago, they took information from the armament official about the battalions of the Division and the quantity of weapons which was handed out to each battalion, al-Nusra Front started over the past few days arresting of the Brigades leaders of the Division 13 and the military leaders as well, they were interrogated and their weapons were taken from them, they were give a paper from Nusra Front which prove that they were arrested-and-released in exchange for handing over their weapons, the paper was stamped by the seal of “Amir of al-Badiyah area in Jabhat Al-Nusra”
(al-Badiyah means the Desert in Arabic)

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