At least 32 casualties and tens of injuries in Aleppo and its countryside shortly after the Russian-American truce ends

It rose to 32 at least -including a boy and 3 citizen women- the number of people documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights until now, as a result of the intensive airstrikes which targeted the neighborhoods of Aleppo city and areas in the western countryside, where five persons -including an 18-years-old male and a citizen woman- were killed by the raids that targeted the neighborhood of al-Sekkary, while a man was killed in the raids that targeted al-Marjah area, also 10 persons at least were killed in raids at Hor village in the western countryside of Aleppo, also 12 persons -most of them are truck drivers of the aid and relief materials convoys and staff of the Red Crescent were killed in raids which targeted Urem al-Kubra, while four people from one family -including 2 citizen women- were killed in raids that targeted Janat al-Salamah village in the countryside of Deir Hafer east of Aleppo province, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, and due to presence of missing people under the ruins of the buildings destroyed by warplanes, where it rose to more than 40, the number of airstrikes that targeted areas in the neighborhoods of al-Sekkary, Bab al-Nairab, Ameriyah, al-Ferdus, al-Maghayer, al-Marjeh and Sheikh Said in Aleppo city, and other areas in the towns of Kafr Hamra, Huraytan, Anadan, Hor, Khan al- Asal, Kafrnaha and Qebtan al-Jabal in the northern and northwestern countryside of Aleppo, the warplanes also targeted places throughout the areas of Kafrnaha – Urem al-Kubra (the so-called road of Aleppo – Bab Al-Hawa), where airstrikes targeted trucks that transported humanitarian aid yesterday afternoon, coming from regime forces’ controlled areas to the western countryside of Aleppo, the trucks enter on monthly basis to the western countryside as aid by an international organization.

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