Rebel factions and Turkish forces target SDF controlled areas in Aleppo countryside

Shells targeted areas controlled by factions under the flag of SDF in the southern countryside of Maree, fighters and civilians accused the Turkish forces and backed rebels in firing the shells. SOHR received a statement released by the first parties saying ” Turkey is backing IS by targeting our areas with artillery in corporation with rebel factions in the operation of ” Al-Furat Shield ” by targeting the villages of Om Hosh, Hesia, al-Ghour, Qaiton and Tal Malid, also the Turkish artillery is backing the rebels and randomly targeting areas already have been liberated from the IS, and we asked these rebel factions to stop targeting these areas but we did not received any response, as our forces managed to not target any of these factions, but in case the bombardment did not stop under the name of ” al-Furat Shield”, our forces will fire back on any front or military area.

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