Turkish forces launch more than 200 shells and rockets on SDF controlled areas in the countryside Marea

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed that the Turkish shelling is still continuing violently on SDF controlled areas in the countryside Marea since this morning, where the Turkish forces launched more than 200 tank and artillery shells and missiles on areas at the villages of Sheikh Issa, Herbel, al-Hesyeh and other places controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces in the countryside of Marea north of Aleppo province, amid continued clashes between the Turkish forces and the factions of “Euphrates Shield” whom are backed up by the Turkish Forces against the factions of the Syria Democratic Forces, in conjunction with exchanged targeting, and the Turkish factions and “Euphrates Shield” are trying to advance in the area and control it, and confirmed information about more casualties in the ranks of both parties, where 13 fighters of “Euphrates Shield” factions and 3 fighters of SDF were killed during clashes between them in the countryside Marea Friday.

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