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3 suicide car attacks target regime forces in Aleppo leading to violent clashes

Aleppo province: 3 massive explosions rocked the southern western neighborhoods, caused by 3 suicide car attacks one of it led by a French militant in Fateh al-Sham front targeted Dahya al-Assad, followed by violent clashes between regime forces and rebels backed by Fateh al-Sham front in al-Rashdin, Family house, Jamia al_Zahra and the scientific research area, amid mutual bombardment from both sides, rebels targeted with 150 missiles areas of Dahya al-Assad and project of 1070 apartments southwest of Aleppo.

 Regime forces were able to advance in Salah al-Din neighborhood and take control on 2 points after clashes against rebels amid continued clashes between the two sides in the area, clashes also broke out between the two sides in al-BRej front. Regime forces bombarded Hanano housings, Sakhour, and al-Bab in eastern Aleppo. Rebels targeted al-Neirab military airport with dozens of missiles, a number of civilians were wounded by shells fell on Jamia al_Zahraa, al-A’zamia, and al-Forqan. Clashes continued between regime forces and IS around Kweres military airport after an attack by the IS on the area.

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