480 Syrian fighters -including 300 children- were killed in Mosul battels and ISIS declares “Mosul victory” as a substitute of “Dabiq loss”

The “Islamic State” continues to lose more of its Syrians fighters and members in the battels that have been taking place for days in the Iraqi area of Mosul, and when the organization announces the joys and expresses the delight of the “brilliant victory” in Mosul, and the preachers of the organization overlies the Al –Raqqah mosques and stages, announcing to the civilian citizens of the city’s residents in order to raise their morale; that “ALLAH have replaced their loss in Aleppo’s Dabiq by a victory in Mosul”, in conjunction with the Iraq and organization leaders’ sending of “thanks and gratitude for the fighters of the Levant, who were strongly supportive to their brothers fighters in Mosul, and they were a hard number in repelling the aggression of the Crusaders, Shiites and atheists”, where the Syrian Observatory for human rights learned that the bodies of 40 Syrian members of the organization have arrived to Al-Raqqah city in the past 24 hours, the majority of them are children fighters of the “Caliphate Cubs”, who were killed in the battles of the Iraqi Mosul, which rise the number of the Syrian fighters in the ranks of the organization who have been killed since the start of the battels in Mosul area  to 480 at least, including more than 300 children fighters of “Caliphate Cubs”.

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