43 fighters so far were killed in ambush at the abandoned battalion in the middle sector countryside of Daraa

Daraa Province, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
It rose to 43, the number of fighters in the ranks of the rebel and Islamic Factions who were killed yesterday in the abandoned Battalion area, located east of Abtaa town in the middle countryside of Daraa, and documented by the Syrian Observatory, the fighters belong to several factions in Dara province, they had an ambush carried out by the regime when they were taking their places in the vicinity of the abandoned battalion, they wanted to carry out a surprise attack against the regime forces in the battalion, but the regime forces were able to besiege them and cut the roads they prepared for escaping by targeting them with guns and heavy machineguns, then members of the regime pulled the bodies of most of them after killing them, the number of killed fighters may rise because some of them are still missing, also several members of the regime forces and the gunmen loyal to them were killed during the ambush.

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