115 killed yesterday including 21 regime forces

The dead : 48 civilians, 22 rebels,  16 Non-Syrian Islamic fighters, 5  unknown rebels, 10   Regular forces,11 NDF,1 non-Syrian militants allied to regime forces, 1 SDF


— 11 rebels and 3 civilians killed by explosion in Nour al-DIn Zenki HQ northern Aleppo.

— 6 rebels killed by IS suicide attack and clashes in ALeppo countryside.

— 5 unknown rebels killed by clashes against regime forces and bombardment.

— 11 NDF killed by clashes and mutual bombardment against rebels.

– 10 regime forces were  killed by clashes against rebels.

— 16 Non-Syrian fighters from IS, rebels, and Islamic factions killed by clashes and aerial bombardment targeted their locations.

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