After 13 days of massive bloody bombing, regime forces are about 1km from cutting the eastern neighborhoods to havles

The city of Aleppo is witnessing continued military operations for the 13th day amid continued heavy bombardment with missiles, explosive barrels, and bombs, leading to hundreds of casualties since the 15th of November until today, amid bad humanitarian situation due to the lack of food and medicine, and the lack of medical crew in the eastern section including the hospitals of Hakim, Baian, in Shaar, Zarzor in Ansari, and Omar Bin Abdulaziz in Maadi.

The bloody days of eastern Aleppo is accompanied by military operations by regime forces in an attempt to take control on the eastern section, which is taken over by rebels by 2012, Regime forces advanced in Bedro mount, Ard al-Hamra, Islamic cemetery, Shekh Najjar, and advanced in Sakhor, what makes it 1km close between Hanano housings and western Aleppo, in case the regime advanced it will be able to cut the eastern Aleppo into 2 halves, and the neighborhoods of Shekh Kheder, Bustan Basha, Halak, Ein Tal, HEdaria, Shekh Faris, Baedin, and Inzarat will be under siege by the regime after the siege of eastern Aleppo since the 17th of July.
About 1700 civilians were able to reach regime controlled areas of eastern Aleppo, some of them were able to reach western Aleppo, still hundreds of families are unable to migrate their houses amid fears of siege.


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