The regime forces advance in the southern part of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and control large parts of Sheikh Saeed

Aleppo Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The violent clashes are still taking place in Sheikh Saeed neighborhood south of Aleppo, between Fath al-Sham Front and the rebel and Islamic Factions against the Iraqi movement of Nujabaa and the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, amid new advancement by6 the last mentioned and controlling over large parts of the neighborhood, while the northern third of the neighborhood which is adjacent to Karm Da’dua neighborhood is still under the control of the rebel and Islamic Factions, where the regime forces and supported by missile cover are trying to control the entire neighborhood, while the factions are trying to stop the attack and regain control of the points and areas where the regime forces advanced to, and the information about regime’s control of the entire neighborhood is not true until now, the shelling and clashes between both parties caused casualties their ranks, also violent clashes between both parties continue at Ameriyah neighborhood south of Aleppo city, while the regime forces shelled areas in al-Myassar Jazmati neighborhood in Aleppo city and Karm al-Trab, and other areas in the town of Khan al-Asal in the western countryside of Aleppo, also the factions bombed positions of the regime forces in Aziza area in the southern countryside of Aleppo, while Turkish forces shelled areas in al-Bab city which is under the control of the “Islamic State” northeast of Aleppo province, also the organization targeted with several mortar shells positions of the regime forces south of Kweires airbase in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

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