More casualties in Aleppo raise the number to 10 at least and fierce clashes continue middle and west of the city

Aleppo Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The violent clashes continue with intensive shelling between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic Factions in the neighborhood of al-Shaar at the eastern section of Aleppo city, in an attempt by the regime forces to complete the control of al-Shaar area and advance more areas at the center of the eastern Aleppo, also the clashes coincides with violent clashes between both parties in the outskirts of Jam’eyyat al-Zahra’a neighborhood in the west of Aleppo city, after a violent attack by the factions detonating one booby trapped vehicle at least, while the regime forces managed to advance in Aziza area and information about their control of a hill in the area that allows them to monitor larger areas of Sheikh Lutfi area southeast of the city.

the regime forces and warplanes also shelled areas in the neighborhoods of Agyour “Aqyoul”, and elsewhere in al-Ferdus, al-Sekkary, al-Maadi, Qadi Askar, al-Jalloum and other areas in the eastern part of Aleppo city, rising to at least 10 -including a child- the number of people who were killed in this continued airstrikes and taking place on the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city since morning, also shells fell on areas in the neighborhoods of Jam’eyyat al-Zahra’a, al-A’azamiyyeh and Furqan which are controlled by the regime forces in the western section of Aleppo city, no information about casualties yet, also warplanes believed to be Russian launched a missile on area at al-Atareb town in the western countryside of Aleppo, which resulted in significant damage to the property of the citizens, and also wounded several people and confirmed information about one casualty at least.


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