Regime forces take full control on old Aleppo after advances in the middle section of eastern Aleppo

Aleppo province: Scanning continue by regime forces in Old Aleppo in the middle of eastern Aleppo between Hanano and Aleppo castle after taking control on Aqiol and Bab al-Hadid, making a siege for rebels in the neighborhoods west of Bab Hadid what forced rebels to pull back from old Aleppo fearing the siege as its safe to pull back in case the regime attacked from al-Farafira, as no rescue centers in the city able to save lives.

Regime forces bombarded Zabidia neighborhood and other areas controlled by rebels in Aleppo city what rose the number of the dead to 11 including 3 children killed by shells targeted Furqan, new Aeppo, and Akramia neighborhoods. Shells continue targting areas of Saif al-Dawla, Aazamia, Martini and Merdian in western ALeppo. AErial bombardment targeted Rashdin and al-Zahraa neighborhood, no reports of losses.

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