162 killed yesterday including 28 regime forces

The dead : 53 civilians, 2 rebels,  20 Non-Syrian Islamic fighters, 37 unknown rebels, 12 Regular forces, 14 NDF, 2 non-Syrian militants allied to regime forces.


—SOHR was able to document the death of 22 civilians by aerial bombardment targeted areas controlled by IS in the northern countryside of Raqqa in the past 25 hours, including a woman with 7 of her children killed by massacre by warplanes targeted Bazaa village northeast of al-Bab city, and 14 including 3 families killed by the coalition airstrikes targeted the northern countryside of Raqqa in the past 24 hours including 2 siblings killed in al-Abara village in Raqqa countryside, and 11 killed by airstrikes targeted al-Mesherfa in the northern countryside, the number of the dead is likely to rise.

— 37 unknown rebels killed by clashes against regime forces and bombardment.

— 14 NDF killed by clashes and mutual bombardment against rebels.

– 12 regime forces were  killed by clashes against rebels.

— 20 Non-Syrian fighters from IS, rebels, and Islamic factions killed by clashes and aerial bombardment targeted their locations.

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