Fighters retaliate for the tenth convoy attack the regime forces in Aleppo city, and tens of buses are preparing to start heading towards Al-Fu’ah, Kafriya and Madaya simultaneously

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the gunmen loyal to the regime who stopped the tenth convoy (which was headed out of the factions’ control box across the Ameriyah – Ramouseh crossing towards the western countryside of Aleppo) have attacked the citizens who were on board of this convoy, and in the detail documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the citizens were stopped in Hamdaniya area southwest of Aleppo city by gunmen loyal to the regime from Al-Fu’ah and Kafriya as well as members of the Lebanese Hezbollah, where they have beaten and insulted citizens within this convoy, then the convoy was returned to factions’ control box in the southwestern section of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, and when they arrive into this box the citizens told the fighters and other civilians what happened to them, and how they were attacked and humiliated by the gunmen loyal to the regime, and that’s when two fighters from the factions attacked points of the regime forces on the outskirts of the factions’ control box, where clashes took place between both parties during of which the two fighters were killed after being targeted by the regime forces, also earlier a man was killed in the fall of the shells on regime forces’ controlled areas in the western section from Aleppo city.

In the same context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a confirmed information from reliable sources, that 126 buses  at least are ready to move towards the towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah which are inhabited by Shiite citizens in northeastern city of Idlib, where 4 thousand people at least will be taken out of both towns, also the Syrian observatory for human rights received information from reliable sources, that preparations are underway in the besieged city of Madaya by the regime and Hezbollah to get people with medical conditions and patients to receive treatment in areas outside of the city, in conjunction with the operation of getting thousands of people out of the towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah.

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