Violent clashes in several areas near the Euphrates dam in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah

Al-Raqqah Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
SOHR received information about the killing of a local leader in the “Islamic State” organization, he was killed in airstrikes carried out by the international coalition’s warplanes which targeted Kasrat Sheikh al-Jumaa village in the southern countryside of Al-Raqqah, while violent clashes continued between the Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State” in the vicinity of al-Swidiyyeh Sghireh village in the western countryside of Al-Raqqah, after a counter-attacks by the organization on the area which was controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces yesterday, and the information reported that the organization regained control of the village, which is about 4 km away from the Euphrates Dam, and clashes were accompanied by bombing by the warplanes of the international coalition on the clash sites, also clashes between both parties continued in the vicinity of the areas of Tal al-Samn and Khniz in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah.

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