Calm prevails Barada valley after the representatives of the regime and the factions of the area reached a deal

Calm prevails Barada valley area after the representatives of the regime forces and the representatives of the military factions in the area, reached a deal on several items after a meeting between both parties, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published days ago the terms of the agreement , which are:

“” * Dissenters and rednecks exempted from military service for a period of 6 months

* Delivery of arms, medium, and heavy and light

* The Wanted to settle their conditions of any security agency

*The absence of any armed stranger in the area outside the villages of Wadi Barada starting Bsima to Wadi Barada market.

* For rebels from outside the region, they are sent to Idlib light their weapons with their families.

* For fighters of Wadi Barada who want to leave the region can exit to the light with their weapons Idlib

* The army will not enter to homes

* Entry of the army into the villages of Wadi Barada, and put checkpoints at the entrance to every village, across the main road connecting between the ten villages

* for the people of the villages of Wadi Barada dissidents or retarded can return to serve in their villages as a defense and national forces It is considered like the joining of science as a service or backup service

* We wish the return of the expelled employees to their jobs.””

It is worth mentioning that unidentified gunmen assassinated days ago the head of the Negotiating Committee in Wadi Barada, after less than 24 hours on his assignment by the regime President Bashar al-Assad, he was a former officer in the ranks from the regime forces (who was acceptable to the people of Barada Valley area) and was assigned for the affair management in the area and overseeing the water re-pumping to the capital Damascus, and to coordinate with all parties in the Valley, provided that members of the regime’s police enter with their single weapons to Ain al-Fijah area to oversee the security matters, also the regime’s authorities modified a terms of the agreement, which is allowing all Syrian fighters in Wadi Barada who are from within villages of the Valley and beyond and want to “settle their situation” to do it and stay in Barada Valley, while those who do not want to “settle their situation” can define a place to go to and the regime forces allow him to go to the designated area, while the defected people and those wanted for the military conscription will serve their service in guarding government buildings, water pumping stations and Fijah spring, and later will begin the rehabilitation of the areas affected from the air, artillery and missile bombardment and military operations in villages and towns of Barada Valley between the regime forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the gunmen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic Factions and Fateh al-Sham Front, also reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the non-Syrian fighters are not covered by the agreement of “situation settlement and reconciliation”, and will be taken out of Barada valley towards areas outside of it.

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