after killing more than 350 civilians the internal security sing ” long live Erdogan “

Turkish bombardment continued targeting areas of al-Bab city and its countryside leading to the death of 6 civilians including 2 women what rose the number of the dead to 348 including 76 children and 46 women, killed by Turkish bombardment and airstrikes in IS controlled areas in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo while at least 2400 others were wounded amid massive destruction and material damages in civilians properties.

With this continued killing of Syrian civilians in areas that are witnessing advances for  “al-Furat Shield”, after closing the last the last remaining window of the organization with the outside world on the Turkish borders, and advances in the areas of Syria wide between the West sides of al-Furat river down to Azaz District until submit them to the edge of the city of albab and its outskirts, “alFurat Shield” forces began forming organs “internal security”, the elements of Syrian volunteers, and there were a copy of the videotape to the Syrian Observatory for human rights showing training of Syrian police in Turkey  before the spread of its elements appear, in Jarablos area and Akhtarin, and Raii which are under the control of the Furat Shield factions supported by the Turkish forces and their aircraft, showed footage slogans repeated by volunteers in this device, which issued the slogan “Long live Turkey” chants repeated three times in succession, and then the slogan “Long live Erdogan” repeat four times, then repeat the slogan “Long live free Syria proud” three times, and came back in the police volunteers repeat my motto “Long live Turkey and live Erdogan” twice each other’s.


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