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Continued clashes in Jobar and 2 suicide cars target the area

Damascus is sill witnessing shelling since this morning, targeting areas of Barnia in Rekn al-DIn neighborhood, al-Qosor neighborhood, al-MOhajrin, Adwi, Abasyen, Bab Tuma, Faris Khuri leading to material damages, no reports of losses.

The shilling is accompanied by continued clashes between regime forces and rebels after an attack by rebels on the area, the clashes started with attacking the areas with 2 suicide vehicles targeted the electricity institution and Crash factory in Jobar neighborhood amid targeting the neighborhood with more than 10 airstrikes, rebels are trying to reach advances over regime forces in order to push from the fronts of Barza and Tishren, after hours of advances for regime forces in alHafiz street in an attempt to isolate Barza from Tishrin and Qabon, the clashes in the past 24 hours led to the death of 12 rebels and 9 soldiers.

Reports of more human losses in both sides, as the areas are witnessing unusual silence by near al-Abasyen and the fighting front east of Damascus due to the violent clashes in Jobar neighborhood, in addition to migration of civilians into other areas due to the shelling.

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