“Israeli” warplanes target the road to the capital Damascus; kill a person inside a car

Al-Quneitra Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Intersecting sources confirmed to the Observatory that Israeli warplanes bombed a car on the road between the town of Khan Arnabah and the capital Damascus in the countryside of Quneitra, which damaged the car and killed a person who was driving it, the Syrian observatory for human rights was not able yet to identify the person who was targeted by this strike, it worth mentioning that Israeli warplanes targeted sites in the Syrian territories yesterday, where intersecting sources confirmed to the observatory that regime’s air defenses targeted those warplanes using missiles, but no information about hitting the warplanes, and the Syrian Observatory for human rights monitored during the past days and weeks continued flight for Israeli warplanes in the atmosphere of Rif Dimashq, al-Qalamoun, Quneitra and the western countryside of Daraa.

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