The capital Damascus enter its third day of violent clashes on its walls and factions resume a new phase of attack with mad shelling and bombing by the regime and its warplanes

The Syrian Observatory for human rights learned that the violent clashes renewed in the factories areas, Crash and the power plant and around the Syronics area in Jobar neighborhood and its outskirts between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the Islamic factions of Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, Rahman Corps, Jaysh al-Islam and the Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham, after a new attack by the last mentioned in the area amid a violent explosion in the area, where it is not known yet whether it was caused by detonating a booby trapped vehicle by the factions or if it was caused by the intense aerial and missile bombardment, where the clashes accompanied by raids by warplanes on the clash areas and by violent exchange of rocket shelling between both parties, also the regime forces targeted using more than 110 shells and missiles believed to be ground-to-ground areas in Jobar neighborhood, and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties.

Where the last 48 hours have killed many fighter in the ranks of both parties, where it rose to 38 at least, the number of members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them who were killed in Damascus clashes and in explosion of booby trapped vehicles and shelling by factions, also it rose to 34 at least, the number of fighters of the factions who were killed in these battles, including 2 persons who blew themselves up in 2 booby trapped vehicles and one of them is of an Arabian Gulf citizen, and information about more casualties in the ranks of both parties.

In the same context, several rockets landed this morning on places in the vicinity of the Faculty of Agriculture and in the vicinity of Officers’ Club in Masaken Barzeh neighborhoods and the neighborhood of al-Abbasiyyin and al-Tejara and the areas of al-Kabbas and Jaramana, also explosive bullets fell on areas in the neighborhoods of al-Tejara and al-Abbasiyyin and Masaken Barzeh, no information about casualties.

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