Death toll of the Black Tuesday massacre rises to 88 civilian casualties and the Syrian Observatory calls for forming an investigation committee and referring the crime to international courts

A woman was died affected by injury she had in the airstrikes that were carried out by the Bashar al-Assad’s warplanes on Khan Shaykhun city in the southern countryside of Idlib on the 4th of April 2017, rising to 88 persons including 31 children under the age of eighteen and 21 women, the number of persons who were killed in the Black Tuesday’s Massacre in Khan Sheikhan, which left tens of casualties and some of whom are still suffering its side effects.

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemn the massacre of the black Tuesday in Khan Shaykhun, which killed 88 citizens, including 52 children and women, and whatever the type of the used weapon we call on the UN Security Council to move towards an immediate cease-fire covering all Syrian territory to stop the killing of the Syrian people, we also call for establishing an independent and non-politicized international investigation committee to investigate Khan Shaykhun massacre, and to refer all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria to the International Court of Justice or other specialized International Courts, to punish the criminals for what they have committed against the Syrian people, we also call on the international community to work to help the Syrian people in order to reach a state of democracy, justice, freedom and equality that guarantees all the rights to its people, without interference from any party or international body in the decision of the Syrian people, or to dictate its terms or decisions on the Syrian people.

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