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Osud al-Sharqiyyah and the Factions advance in the Syrian Desert at the expense of the “Islamic State” organization

Homs province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the violent clashes continue between Jaysh Osud al-Sharqiyyah and the rebel factions against the “Islamic State” organization in areas in al-Alyaniyyah in the southeastern desert of Homs, and the factions managed to advance and expand their controlled areas at the expense of the “Islamic State” organization within the “Sarajna al-Jiyad Litathir al-Hammad” battle, where the factions managed to expel the “Islamic State” organization out of most of the Eastern al-Qalamoun and other areas between Rif Dimashq and the countryside of both Homs and al-Suwaidaa, while a woman was killed in bombing by warplanes on areas in al-Rastan city yesterday in the northern countryside of Homs, also the regime forces shelled areas in Ark oilfield in the eastern countryside of Homs, but no information about human losses, while the warplanes carried out several raids on areas in hills at the outskirts of al-Sukhna and other areas in the grain silos area in the Desert of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs, coincided with clashes between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the “Islamic State” organization on the road between Palmyra and al-Sukhna city in the eastern countryside of Homs.